When You Hire A Photographer...

When you hire a photographer you want to know their skill level and experience. Be sure all the essential images are captured, and they use a variety of lenses and lighting techniques to record your event which shows competence, and their ability to make a story with images that gives the feeling of you being there. I welcome client feedback, and a 'shot list' for a better understanding of their expectations. 

How long do you need the photographer at your event or function.​ Do you need a photographer all day, half a day, or just a couple hours? 

Some detailed information about your event, project or function helps in deciding on logistics, the equipment to use, and cost. Let's look at how this project can be done with the budget you have. 


Studio Photography (studio rental fees apply).

location of event (within 10 mile radius of my home based zip code-53208)-add .53 cent per mile after 10 miles RT-travel / hotel (overnight assignments)/ car rental for out of town-long distance assignments, photo assistant fees, and other rates apply.Please arrange for any clearances for permissions, photo passes, permits or credentials that maybe required.All images burned onto a photo DVD or FTP transfers, or Dropbox accounts.
Unlimited digital images-all images must be essential to the assignment.

High resolution digital JPEG Images on DVD. Images will be enhanced, edited, and cropped.
 Pat A. Robinson Photos reserves All Rights to use any image to exhibit, promote, or display as 'Pat A. Robinson photos' in print or the web.
No image is licensed, released for publication or commercial use without permission.

All copyrights belong to the image creator unless 'Work For Hire' arrangements have been secured by contract.

Feel free to email or call for more information.

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